Currently have EndeavourOS set to boot in UEFI, how can I make it also boot in Legacy?

I downloaded EndeavourOS on a Corebooted Laptop running EDK2 payload which only supports UEFI boot, I recently switched to SeaBIOS which only supports Legacy/BIOS boot, so EndeavourOS won’t boot anymore.

If you have done an “standard” installation (that is you have only gone with the defaults in the installer), then your system would be using systemd-boot as boot manager and that only supports UEFI.

I should think that the easiest way is to backing up your personal data (including perhaps your config files and folders from under your home directory) and reinstall your system in Legacy/BIOS/MBR mode.


Hi, yes I am using Systemd-boot as the boot manager, I did consider reinstalling, but I don’t have experience saving or transferring directories, I once tried transferring my coreboot directory to a usb but some files would not transfer. I don’t use SSH, do u know another way to backup my files and folders ?

It is possible to convert it although it is non-trivial. Does your BIOS support GPT disks? If not, it is probably much easier to reinstall.

Hi thanks for replying ! I am using a Thinkpad T440p, and I believe it can run GPT disks. But let’s say I would just want to have EndeavourOS boot in Legacy/BIOS, would changing the bootloader to GRUB be an easier route ?

The BIOS needs to be able to read the disk though. Can your new BIOS read a GPT disk?

I’ve asked some Coreboot (The bios I’m using) Developers and they said that Coreboot has nothing to do with partition tables, so I’m unsure,

You really only need to save your home folder.

Is this the bios that comes with your machine or is this some aftermarket bios?


Something else that you would need to think of if you want to have a system with Legacy/BIOS/MBR boot mode with GPT disk is this:

This supposes that your BIOS supports booting from a GPT disk.

The Coreboot BIOS is an Open Source Bios, yes, its not the stock BIOS.

Yes however the BIOS still needs to be able to read instructions from the disk to pass to the kernel. So going back to @dalto original question does the Bios read a GPT disk?

I’m not sure who you talked to but sounds more like a salesman than a developer. You need to dig into the documentation it sounds like. It may simply not support it on your particular device.