CUPS server don't work after restart

Hi, yesterday I noticed that my printer don’t work. When I try to acess cups server it don’t work. http://localhost:631/ is not reachable.
Day before printer works fine (wifi connected Canon Pixma MX925).
I make few things:

  1. Install Windows 10 and struggling with that wifi printer on second laptop in my office (windows 10 don’t see scanner only printer, there was Windows 7 before and everything was fine). I don’t know it is some relation to my laptop?
  2. I uninstall garuda-settings-manager-git.
  3. I make system upgrades.
    I have cups installed/reinstalled:
sudo pacman -Qs cups
local/cups 2.3.3+106+ga72b0140e-1
    The CUPS Printing System - daemon package
local/cups-filters 1.28.5-3
    OpenPrinting CUPS Filters
local/cups-pdf 3.0.1-5
    PDF printer for cups
local/cups-pk-helper 0.2.6-4
    A helper that makes system-config-printer use PolicyKit
local/lib32-libcups 2.3.3-1
    The CUPS Printing System - client libraries (32-bit)
local/libcups 2.3.3+106+ga72b0140e-1
    The CUPS Printing System - client libraries and headers
local/python-pycups 2.0.1-1
    Python bindings for libcups
local/splix 2.0.0-15
    CUPS drivers for SPL (Samsung Printer Language) printers
local/system-config-printer 1.5.13-3
    A CUPS printer configuration tool and status applet

It works when I restart cups sudo systemctl restart cups.
Today when I launch my laptop it also don’t work. I must restrt cups.


cups service and socket naming is changed so you will need to reanable the service to have it automatic loading on bootup again…:
sudo systemctl enable cups.service

see here:


Thanks, that works.