Cuda downgrade 12.4 to 11.8

hello, i’m quite sure this question has been asked already , but i’m lost in every answer. I’m a total newb ( already reinstall 4 times my system in 1 week) and just don’t want to do that again. My main use of linux is for Stable diffusion IA. As i’m brand new here i did install the system and update it to the lest possible version . Pb is that i need to downgrade my CUDA version ( using RTX3090FE) from 12.4 to 11.8
some people recommend to do it with yay, pacman, aur downgrade package , i’m lost.
Can i only downgrade CUDA and keep the last nvidia driver ? should i down grade everything and how to do it ? here are some capture on all i could find on my graphic system . Any help will be greatly appreciated


then use the downgrade package.

I do no know the answer to this I can suggest you try and see if it works if not then downgrade the nvidia driver.

EnOS and Arch are rolling release distro’s. They will have updates available all the time. If you are looking for a system that does not require more attention then you may want to give something like linux mint a try.

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Thanks for the quick answer and i appreciate the comment on the fact that i may be not on the right distro…Kind of lost also into that. before reinstalling everything, can you direct me to a page where the use of the down grade package is explained for people like me ? I tried: sudo downgrade cuda then choose the right package and get that :warning: cannot resolve “gcc11”, a dependency of “cuda”

Downgrading cuda is not a good way because it may/will, as you already saw, require downgrading other packages. It will be a mess now and in the long run.

You would need to downgrade all its dependencies and the dependencies of its dependencies and so on so forth.

This might become “The Dependency Hell” they talk about.

Arch, being a rolling release, by its very nature need to be updated as a whole.

Occasionally, one or other packages can be downgraded for a short period of time but even this would create a partial upgrade situation which sooner or later leads to a broken system.

The more dependencies the package to downgraded has, the more severe the partial upgrade situation will become thus heightened risk for breakage.

ok , if i understand well all advices here , i’m not on the right distro . Thanks a lot for these advices, will give a try to mint linux

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I am unsure about this. I’ve never downgraded CUDA. I would have to look up what it is to be honest.

apparently when writing the above on of our resident guru’s chimed in.

I would follow @manuel advice.

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If what you want to do could be achieved in a VM, you could install Linux Mint (or any other distro which may serve your purpose) in a Virtual Machine.

If not, perhaps switching to another distro may be the better option

Yeah, using a VM (one way or the other; either EndeavourOS as host or guest) sounds like a good idea.

That way it is possible to learn distro “secrets” without having big problems during the learning curve.

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