CTRL+X shortcut is not working on anything assigned to it after an update

Hi, after a KDE update last month, the CTRL+X combination has stopped working in all applications. All other combinations and the CTRL and X keys work separately. Just to be sure, I connected another keyboard to my computer, but CTRL+X didn’t work there either. I tried to assign a different shortcut and any shortcut I assigned instead of CTRL+X doesn’t work either. I have been searching the internet for days but I have not found any solution.

My Hardware:
My logs:

Mine still works. What does it say in the System Settings app under Workspace → Shortcuts → edit → cut. Click the dropdown to see which boxes are checked and unchecked.

Should look something like this:

I checked again and both boxes are checked. Also, unchecking boxes doesn’t change anything. Either way, only Shift+Del is working for cut, which is undesirable.

What happens if you delete the files ~/.config/kglobalshortcutsrc and ~/.config/khotkeysrc and then reboot?

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Sorry for late response, I deleted those files and it did work. However, after returning my custom shortcuts, the problem arised again. So I checked which shortcut was responsible for this problem. Turns out the shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+<” that I use for a command was cancelling all the actions assigned to Ctrl+X somehow. It seems you cannot use both “Ctrl+Shift+<” and Ctrl+X at the same time in KWin. Now I changed the custom shortcut that I use and everything works normally again. Thanks.

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Glad you were able to solve it. That is a weird shortcut collision though.

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