CSGO 2, no sound?

I was pretty hyped by the launch of csgo 2, i invite a friend, launch a competitive, the game start and… no sound :clown_face: Funny the first minute but by the end of the first round i was already mad :rofl: I relaunch the game in the middle of the game and same outcome. Even after multiple restart, still no sound even in the main menu.

After some recherche, the fix is pretty simple with pipewire, we just need to add the following in launch options:

-sdlaudiodriver pipewire

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my fix was even simpler: Just switch from “default” to the actual device that should play the sound in the games options screen. Seems like it has a bug with detecting the right device - and it even lists all possible HDMI/Displayport Ports that aren’t even connected.

First thing i’ve tried, sadly didn’t worked for me.

I also seen that list of devices that didn’t even exist and the only one that exist wasn’t working. Tbf, he did work until i joined a game after that no sound.