CSD-Background applying over desktop

I just switched to Cinnamon from KDE. My wallpaper has started loading over my desktop icons and cannot be interacted with (right click, drag, etc). How can I configure those services to load correctly?

Is plasma still installed? You may need to check autostarts and add:


My guess is plasma is starting.

I’ve checked /etc/xdg/autostart as well as ~/.config/autostart to make sure I didn’t have any conflicts. I’m not seeing anything related to plasma remaining, is there another place that could be?

EDIT (clarification): I forgot to mention I spent about 30 minutes manually removing the remaining pieces of Plasma based on the eos-packagelist, so I was specifically asking if there was another directory/process that could still be trying to start aside from these

I also tried starting csd-background manually for debugging;

** (csd-background:5213): WARNING **: 11:01:52.347: Unable to register client: GDBus.Error:org.gnome.SessionManager.AlreadyRegistered: Unable to register client

Create a new user and see if that sorts it.

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That did! It applies correctly on a new user.

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