Cryptic Timezone Info

So this is an odd little issue. If you take a look at the below screenshot, you’ll see multiple timezones for different parts of the planet. Can you tell which one is which? As far as I’m aware, there’s no way to change the names of timezones, or even give them a human-readable reference name. Am I missing something, is there any way to rename timezones you add to your panel clock?

I don’t see where there would be room for tz names to be shown. America/Edmonton or even Asia/Kolkata would have to be shortened or font downsized I expect…

Are you looking to choose the displayed names, or create them?

It would be great to have either option, the second PST is Vancouver, so just having an option to edit it to “VC” or some way to delineate would be really useful. When multiple time zones have identical abbreviations, it gets messy :slight_smile:

Click on cog, top right, for digital clock settings. Under ‘Appearance’, ‘Display time zone as’ click on ‘Time zone city’ rather than ‘Time zone code’, it will then display names of cities that you have selected under Time Zones


Oh sweet heavens you’re a genius… that was embarrassingly obvious, thankyou!!