CRT Monitor Interlacing Issues

Hello, I’m a wee bit stuck here. I just picked up this beautiful 19" CRT and I’m trying to run an interlaced QXGA resolution because 60 FPS has been hurting my eyes and I want more pixels than my old 1080 LCD.

I’ve been adding modes to xrandr and I can get QXGA fine in progressive, but when I run it in interlaced, it stretches like its a phone screen and is well outside the monitors adjustment range. I’m including a picture for reference. I also tested interlaced in a few other resolutions and it did the same thing so the issue is in relation to the interlacing and not the number of pixels.

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Good morning and nice to meet you! :wave:

I use to love those and I miss my 19" Viewsonic also :wink:

What is the exact model number ? I might be able to find the data on it for the correct settings :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you as well. It’s an HP D2842A. I’ve also seen some talk about modern graphics cards and adapters so for completeness I’m running it with an RX 5700XT and through a StarTech DP2VGAHD20 adapter.

Funny enough I got a 19" Viewsonic E90f from the same guy, but it needs some work done to it, so my focus is with the HP for now.

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Page 10 might be a start.

Page 17 : 1600 x 1200 75 hz.

Can you push it to those specs ?

Extra: If you would like to clean it like almost new → I use a bit of car break cleaner on a Klenex tissue and wipe out the old glue like magic :magic_wand:

Yeah Ive got 1600x1200 @75hz (I’m currently using this when I try to figure out the other resolutions) and 2048x1536 @60hz running. It’s just when I attempt to put in any of their interlaced counterparts, I get the stretched image, and it’s well outside the adjustable range of the OSC menu.

I’ll probably remove the glue with the other old company stickers in time, however for now it fits the vibe of my setup. I’ve got a bit of a hot garbage look going.

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acetone-free nail polish remover also works great (and also removes plaster from skin xD)

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I’ll borrow from the wife … I must not be seen while doing this :sweat_smile: