Crontab & Kcron (for KDE)

Hi every body. Happy New Year to all !

it look like i’m a real dummy !!!

I tried to use crontab to schedule the shutdown of my computers at a specific time.

That’ s what I’ve done :

[…@HPG4 ~]$ crontab -e

A window opens, but it is impossible to modify it…

Why ??? I don’t know.

[…@HPG4 ~]$ su -
[root@HPG4 ~]# cd /etc/cron.daily
[root@HPG4 cron.daily]# touch shutdown
root@HPG4 cron.daily]# ls
[root@HPG4 cron.daily]# nano shutdown

GNU nano 5.4 shutdown
15 17 * * * shutdown

[root@HPG4 cron.daily]# crontab -l
no crontab for root

[root@HPG4 cron.daily]#
[…@HPG4 ~]$ systemctl enable cronie
[…@HPG4 ~]$ crontab -l
43 17 * * * shutdown

But nothing happens at 5:43 p.m. (???).

3°) […@HPG4 ~]$locate kcron


It seems that kcron is well installed on my system, but impossible to find it in graphic mode.

[…@HPG4 ~]$ man kcron
No manual entry for kcron

bash: kcron: command not found

Of course, I went on multiple forums, without success.

Here are my questions:

What did I do wrong with crontab?

Why can’t I access kcron in graphical mode?

Is there a tutorial for a beginner under arch linux to set up crontab?

So, thank you in advance, for anyone who take time to read me .


Cronjobs are more or less obsolete. Maybe you should have a closer look at systemd.

Just my 2 cent.

I don’t even have 2 cents! :laughing:

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I still would have 2 cent for you. But only € cent. No US currency here. :laughing:

Was it opened in vim by any chance? Try

VISUAL=nano crontab -e

That will open it in nano editor (or replace nano with your prefered editor).

Try full path /usr/bin/shutdown. (edit: better way is to first check which shutdown to see where this file is and then use this path to crontab).

Is there any way to convince Timeshift to abandon Crontab and accept systend instead? Then you could dispose of cronie.

I don’t use timeshift and I don’t have it installed. Just take a look at the file list, if it includes a .timer and/or .service file. If that’s the case you can most likely control it using systemctl. Most likely you can configure it by editing the timer/system file.

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Don’t know the implementation of timeshift but I guess it would be a major job to have it support systemd as well.

But you could look at the developer site with command:

 eos-pkginfo timeshift

and maybe ask if the dev is willing to support systemd too.


Cdn funds will do! It’s worth less so you save money. :wink:


Hi vlkon & the folks & thanks to answer,

1°) I only use “nano” to edit my files
2°)Did you mean 43 17 * * * /usr/bin/shutdown ???

3°) Somebody to tell me how to launch kcron ??

Thanks again & happy 2021


Hi vlkon and thanks for your answer. I will try it asap.

Have a very good day