Crashed after installing Plymouth

Hello, your fellow newbie here.

I followed Arch wiki’s instructions and configured Plymouth.

But after restarting my pc, now it’s stuch at the ‘initializing Ramdisk’ screen.

After a bit of googling (on my phone​:face_holding_back_tears:) I read in a site that I needed to enable systemd plymouth.service which wasn’t mentioned in wiki(or maybe I didn’t notice)…

Now is there any way to fix this other than reinstalling entire os?

And also I didn’t get the mkinitcpio pre-installed after installing e-os, is that normal(and also mkinitcpio templates were empty too)?

Yes, we use dracut instead of mkinitcpio. Did you install mkinitcpio? If so, your system is probably fairly broken unless you made the other changes to switch to mkinitcpio.

It isn’t likely your system is unfixable but we need to know exactly what you did to help you fix it.

I followed steps here before the ‘install new themes’ part as I set one of the pre-included theme…

Do we need to manually install it too? & Is it same steps as mkinitcipio stated in arch wiki?

That has information for both dracut and mkinitcpio. Which ones did you follow? Did you try to do both?

The Arch wiki isn’t a tutorial, where you follow the steps one at a time. It is an information source.

At this point, you are going to need to boot off the live ISO and follow the instructions in the wiki to arch-chroot here:

Once you are in the chroot, please provide the output from the following commands:

pacman -Q | grep -E "mkinitpio|dracut|grub" 
cat /etc/fstab

No, I just followed for mkinitcpio…:sweat_smile:

Just creating mkinitcpio.conf and putting text in it would not have caused any problems.

This is what I got after running the commands:

Well, I am twin the os…

I guess I didn’t something wrong…

Can you tell me which steps should I follow? I am confused…

Can you share inxi -Fxxxz? Did you install any graphics drivers?

Sorry for late reply , I got in a small problem :sweat_smile:

No, I didn’t install any graphics drivers…

And I re-installed OS​:sweat_smile:
But after setting up Plymouth again(with dracut), I am getting another small problem, when system is starting, EOS logo is stretched although it’s perfect when shutting down pc…