CPU temp above 80C after deleting several Timeshift btrfs snapshots

Hi there!

I drop here this message only for some users who experience the same issue to calm them.
Another reason is to ask more mature users is it a normal behaviour.

So after deleting several snapshots from Timeshift (around 60 snapshots) I experienced:

  1. Too high temperature of CPU (above 80C) constantly. Usually I have around 45C.
  2. 20% of CPU usage by btrfs-transacti or btrfs-cleaning processes.
  3. Periodical freezing of my XFCE and apps.
  4. Various errors on reboots (Failed deactivating swap /dev/disk/by-label/swap; NOHZ tick-stop error: Non-RCU local softirq work is pending, handler #08!!!; kauditd_printk_skb: 22 callbacks suppressed; and some others - they are differs on each reboot).

The first thing: you should wait. Do not reboot your PC as you can experience the same errors on reboot as me. Just wait for an hour and this problem will disappear.

The second - a question. Is it normal behaviour for btrfs?

No, this is not normal behavior.

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I’m not maybe mature enough, but maybe it’s problem with btrfs quotas…

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