CPU overheating with EOS, but not on Debian etc

I honestly don’t know what to do with this issue.
I get a temp of CPU on average 70c on idle or a very minimum work.
Nvidia GPU is cool(not used) - 47c)
On a fresh install.

I didn’t have this on many other systems(not arch-based though), but just to test this out(in case something indeed happened just now) I installed today Debian with Plasma and got 40-45c temp on avg.

Laptop with hybrid GPU - Nvidia and Intel - installed drivers with nvidia-inst --prime.
Not a new CPU, but powerful and not uncommon.
LTS kernel.
DE is Plasma.

I tried thermald and tlp, didn’t help.

can you report

inxi -Fza
cpupower frequency-info
lscpu -ae