CPU overheating spikes


I am running recent Endeavour OS on kernel 5.3.11-arch1-1 - my laptop is Dell Precision 5540.

I am experiencing cpu temperature spikes - from temp about 50 Celsius on average to 100 Celsius. It usually happens when launching browser, I tried installing recent BIOS update, but the issue is still present.

I tried monitoring processes and their CPU usage, the load is heavy when launching Chromium or Firefox but I could not find anything suspicious.

Here is the “s-tui” graph with spike after launching Chromium instance:

Thanks in advance with resolving this issue. :slight_smile:

You can install Thermald as asolution, though you have to keep in mind that it might take some days, before the effects of Thermald is visible.

For instructions you can read our wiki article.

Welcome @ondrousn !

As a first option, I just installed s-tui and its operation does not seem appropriate …, look at my capture and you will see that the graphics are at the top (bad) and the actual temperature in decimals (good), also in htop the processor is 100%.

  • With the kernel-lts also there temperature peaks ?

Could you paste here what the console returns with an open browser ?

$ sensors

Attempted or executed? It’s essential, especially with Dell.

Dell Precision 5540 UEFI , v1.3.3, 2019-10-16.

Next you should set the boot option “acpi_osi=Linux” and try the boot option “acpi=copy_dsdt”.

Do you have installed the proprietary driver nvidia (advisable for your Quadro T2000), latest, or do you use the free driver nouveau?

…and yes, it’s an exe-file. :-1:

But the good news is, you could use fwupd.

Dell XPS 15 7590/Precision 5540 firmware

Further possibilities: Updating the Dell BIOS in Linux and Ubuntu Environments

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