Cpu maxxing out on video playback/ anything graphically intensive

hey I have a fresh install of endeavouros with i3wm and picom on my intel celeron chromebook with 4gb of ram, in addition to the problems specified in title, with only a few browser tabs open my cpu resources are eaten up and device slows down, I am a linux newbie so don’t really know how to troubleshoot this issue pls help.

uhh I don’t know if you know but the intel celeron is 26 years old (at least the oldest version of it). And the 4gb ram may also not be helping. I don’t think the gpu has to do with this. maybe provide more information about your system and I can help you more? Like your laptop model, exact cpu model (not generic name like “Celeron”) and your gpu driver if possible

4Gb of RAM may be the first suspect, probably leading to massive cache use and, thus, slowing down the UX

What is the actual cpu?

inxi -C