Cpu at 100% new installation

Hi all.
I just install endeavour in a netbook old with base system and i3 windows manager, and nothing more… but just first run and i have without doing anything the cpu at 100%… so… what can i do??
The netbook is a intel atom N455 1.66ghz with 2Gb ram of 1333mhz and a disk of 160gb.

Thanks all!!!


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that’s slim… you should commenting some autostarting apps to see if they are causing this:


# Autostart apps

#exec --no-startup-id firefox

exec --no-startup-id sleep 2 && xfce4-terminal -e "glances --percpu"

#exec --no-startup-id sleep 3 && thunar

with only 2 GB RAM is not good to use a full featured Browser to surf the net…

Oh, ok! This is better.

“with only 2 GB RAM is not good to use a full featured Browser to surf the net…”

Can you tell me what browser use then?? or how config the browser?
Thanks for you time.

You may be able to use this old thing as a data grab but for surfing, any tablet will probably work better.

Unfortunately, everything is fine until you start a web browser, they consume a lot of memory or the websites are memory intensive nowadays.

Under 4 GiB nothing works today, maybe SSD with swap but … it’s all up to you :slight_smile:

Palemoon*. And even that may be too heavy still.

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Pale Moon ??


Ya, that one. Stupid phone typing. That’s the heaviest thing I’d suggest for 2gb Ram. 4gb is still fairly usable. 2gb Ram . . . That’s pretty skinny.

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Give a try to Pale Moon :slight_smile: It’s a good browser and you may enjoy it if you are not very used to any particular chrome/firefox extension, as most likely Pale Moon won’t support those. It has it’s own extensions as well as some FF “legacy” ones.

You can install it from AUR with yay -S palemoon-bin

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sudo pacman -S netsurf

yay -S surf

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