Countdown to Webb's 1st Images Web/NASA


Wow, they released one today:

Edit: What do you think, are these gravitational lens?


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Seems like. Because bending of light is visible.

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Thanks for posting that! I didn’t know they were releasing them today, I know what I’ll be doing at 3:30 today and it isn’t work lol.

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Thanks for posting the info, I was able to watch the picture release on the livestream :slight_smile:

Here is the picture

Truly wonderful, can’t wait for more!

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Uncompressed TIFF’s and PNG’s now released for download, and they’re stunning!

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Yes it is gravitational lensing, its not just those 2 but if you look at the images there are multiple galaxies distorted by some large gravitational influence.

It could be a black hole(s)s, star(s)/supernova, etc. But at that distance its hard to always be certain.

Also keep in mind these arent the 100% actual images from Webb, it doesn’t see in the visible spectrum and there may be some variation in the colorized images due to having to deal with the Doppler Effect and make them consumable for regular folks.

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I want to see a neutron star…

Edit: A Quasar would be nice too :slight_smile:

Pretty sure there are some images from Hubble that are of Neutron stars/include them. Webb is for looking at MUCH longer distances than Hubble so neutron stars get drown out at that distance (unless its a pulsar) so easier to look at ones within Hubble’s range.

Edit: correction, I mixed up neutron stars with white dwarfs. They should also be very Bright still if not a pulsar even at vast distances and serve as a cosmic standard candle.

The universe is just awesome… Still expanding, some light can’t even reach us…
How Einstein could be so smart?! Wtf… I mean, curved spacetime?!

Now we have dark energy, dark matter and its gravity…
Hope Webb helps us to understand it.

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Looking at the universe differently and applying the math to prove it. He was smart but not just that he was willing to challenge conventional wisdom. :grin:


Firefox changing logo? :joy:

Scott Manley made a rather nice video about it:

Something interesting :