Could someone teach me how to build openfoam-com v2212?


I am trying to add and use CfdOF (whch is Computational Fluid Dynamics tool) for FreeCAD. For that to work I need to install openfoam-com v2212. The problem is that current version in AUR and arch4edu is 2306-2. In other words, it is too new.

I have been looking at Arch wiki of how to build packages, but unfortunately it needs to be dummed down for me.

I know of the PKGBUILD.proto in /usr/share/pacman/, but I am not sure what information I should put in from the downloaded OpenFOAM-v2212.tgz, which I found over here

I have been doing all this on virtual machine, just in case I mess things up :slight_smile:


Why do you need openfoam-com v2212 specifically? Is there any error that you get when you try to use the newer version?

Have you looked at the Arch Wiki page for openFOAM? You could also take a look at the pkgbuild in the AUR for reference. They appear to agree with each other.

Tell me if that helps any!

So the cfMesh package I want to use is not compatible with openfoam v2306, it is however compatible with version 2212.

I have been trying to understand the Arch Wiki Page, but I am a bit lost regarding what info I should find from openfoam 2212 package in order to make pkgbuild file.

I am also fighting bit too hard with my dyslexia and attention disorder while trying to do this.

Found a solution. AUR or ach4edu has openfoam-git-9 which is version 9 and that is compatible to what I am trying to do.

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