Could be the Output nvidia-driver-supported-branches wrong?

Hey Guys,

got today from a Company (Customer) all (8 pieces lol) HP ZBook 15 G2’s Notebooks, because i delivered and customized new ones for them. And they wanted to throw them into garbage…

all with a i7-4910MQ and 16GB of RAM. And a Nvidia Quadro k2100m GPU.

Sadly, i can deactivate only the Intel one. So i use simply the nvidia one because why not.

So i started the ISO, and choosed the nvidia line one.

On boot up, the nvidia driver said only the 470 legacy driver support this GPU.

Ok, so i looked on nvidia, they say the latest legacy driver 418 support this GPU.

And nvidia-driver-supported-branches says the latest is 390 (Nvidia drops 700 (Kepler) into legacy branch (470xx)).

So now im confused.

Who is right, and who is wrong? :smile:

Im try the 470 one first. Maybe im lucky?

Here a nice Picture about this Problem:


(i put this under the category lounge. because this isnt really a real problem because i can simply try. But maybe some of you nice guys are faster :slight_smile: )

Got the Answer faster as i could think off.

Both are wrong. 470 works indeed.

so yea Kepler it should be :wink:

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