Coredump? Journalctl output

Hey guys! I’ve recently changed from Manjaro to Endeavour and this output is new to me. What does it means??

[yohandp@yohan-pc ~]$ journalctl -p 3 -b
-- Journal begins at Sun 2021-08-15 04:11:40 -03, ends at Sun 2021-08-15 05:38:47 -03. --
ago 15 05:06:49 yohan-pc systemd-coredump[1312]: [🡕] Process 1308 (smartctl) of user 0 dumped core.
                                                 Found module with build-id: fa04157c0239ac957b301149a561bbbbc3880c6a
                                                 Found module with build-id: 040cc3dd10461562f177df39e3be2f3704258c3c
                                                 Found module with build-id: 2b8fd1f869ecab4e0b55e92f2f151897f6818acf
                                                 Found module with build-id: 4b406737057708c0e4c642345a703c47a61c73dc
                                                 Found module with build-id: 7f8508bb914546ada778809b64b99d234337d835
                                                 Found module with build-id: 8ab0e57054dd1dcba681f217016afc6a4e639783
                                                 Found module smartctl with build-id: b8f39cc2ad3d2ffa368701782e5458fbb22a83ea
                                                 Stack trace of thread 1308:
                                                 #0  0x00007f265a50fd22 raise ( + 0x3cd22)
                                                 #1  0x00007f265a4f9862 abort ( + 0x26862)
                                                 #2  0x00007f265a551d28 __libc_message ( + 0x7ed28)
                                                 #3  0x00007f265a55992a malloc_printerr ( + 0x8692a)
                                                 #4  0x00007f265a55acfc _int_free ( + 0x87cfc)
                                                 #5  0x00007f265a55e9e8 __libc_free ( + 0x8b9e8)
                                                 #6  0x00005620828144e2 n/a (smartctl + 0x594e2)
                                                 #7  0x00007f265a5124a7 __run_exit_handlers ( + 0x3f4a7)
                                                 #8  0x00007f265a51264e exit ( + 0x3f64e)
                                                 #9  0x00007f265a4fab2c __libc_start_main ( + 0x27b2c)
                                                 #10 0x00005620827e9b6e n/a (smartctl + 0x2eb6e)

never see smartctl core dumping…

I saw this definition on Wiki

A core dump is a file containing a process’s address space (memory) when the process terminates unexpectedly. Core dumps may be produced on-demand (such as by a debugger), or automatically upon termination. Core dumps are triggered by the kernel in response to program crashes, and may be passed to a helper program (such as systemd-coredump) for further processing. A core dump is not typically used by an average user, but may be passed on to developers upon request where it can be invaluable as a post-mortem snapshot of the program’s state at the time of the crash, especially if the fault is hard to reliably reproduce.

So its not a problem?