Copy-paste virtualbox


I installed virtualbox and the virtualbox-guest-iso package from the EOS repo, then mounted a VM, selected in Settings both shared clipboard and drag-and-drop to bidirectional but it still doesnt’t work at all.

In my SATA Port 1 it shows [Optical Drive] VBoxGuestAdditions.iso (58,24MB) from the VM Manager

Then when starting the istance I click on Devices → Insert Guest Addition CD Image but nothing happens

How to make it work?

What OS is the guest?

It works for me on Kde back and forth to virtualbox i3

Edit: Sorry I was thinking about copy and paste from terminal. You mean actually dragging files over?

sudo gpasswd -a username vboxusers
does this work for you?

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Not working for me but maybe i don’t set settings right.

Edit: Just copy & paste from terminal works

i only just see that … seems the group does not exist anymore… archwiki say also you should add user to it…

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i have not used virtualbox for some years now but remember i forgot that sudo gpasswd -a username vboxusers

say that too and i remember that i do not need to create the group any time before… so it was a group installed with virtrualbox before… It is off topic as it is related to usb usage on virtualbox … and not copy paste :wink: so i will stop here…
Aha i see it is working now for me … seems a logoutbackin was needed :wink:

I see that i can drag and drop here between EOS-host to EOS-guest but only text

I was able to copy one text file but after stop working.

Dragging and dropping files to the VM still works (for me, at least), but it’s not as straightforward as it used to be.

Drag the file, and you will be prompted to “Link here” on the drop. Do so, and you’ll have a symlink. The actual file is on the VM, but you’ll have to go to /tmp/VirtualBox Dropped Files/folder-with-date-and-time-of-drop. The physical file will be there; you can move it to your desired location (you’ll probably want to delete the symlink first).

Folders can be dragged and dropped, but for some reason I have to “rename” the folder before it will allow the drop (it doesn’t have to be a different name).

It’s been working like that for months (for me, anyway).

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What - specifically - doesn’t work?

If it’s already “inserted” then there’s nothing to do (it can’t insert it more)?

I just installed another Arch distro and it was doing exactly the same as this prompting to create a link.

And if you create the link, then you navigate to /tmp/VirtualBox Dropped Files/, you should find the physical file there in a folder with the date and time as its name.

I didn’t try that but it’s strange i couldn’t get it to work with with Eos-i3 vm on Eos-Kde

VirtualBox has been handling drag & drop like this for many months now (probably over a year). I haven’t really been following it, as I rarely use drag & drop to VMs, but the only reason I discovered that VB was dropping the file to a directory in /tmp was because of posts about it on the VirtualBox forum at the time.

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I also have never used it. I have only copied from the terminal.

Windows 10

Yes + just copying and pasting

Tried and rebooted but still nothing.

I saw the group vboxusers and added myself to it

Nothing here… damn drag and drop text would be nice

After enabling all as mentioned, if I copy something on host I don’t see any option to paste it into the VM

I know though I can’t understand why it’s not working

Which virtualbox related packages have you installed on the host system?

pacman -Qs virtualbox

local/libvirt 1:7.6.0-1
    API for controlling virtualization engines
local/linux 5.13.13.arch1-1
    The Linux kernel and modules
local/virtualbox 6.1.26-1
    Powerful x86 virtualization for enterprise as well as home use
local/virtualbox-guest-iso 6.1.26-1
    The official VirtualBox Guest Additions ISO image
local/virtualbox-host-modules-arch 6.1.26-8
    Virtualbox host kernel modules for Arch Kernel