Cool command line tools

I just stumbled on this:

Joey should switch to arch! His articles are more and more tending towards newest packages and cool stuff.

Anyhow, what are your coolest command line tools? Are you cool enough to post them here?! :rofl:

I didn’t have any except neofetch. Now I want to try mapscii and googler based on that link. All my web browsing and Google Earth :earth_americas: on terminal :wink:


I personally love using to manage my TODO-lists and quick notes. Since alot of my work is done in the terminal anyways, it is nice to also have a little command line decorator telling me about remaining + urgent tasks.
Also a lot leaner than e.g. GNOME Notes with much more functionality under the hood (e.g. it can also display a calendar with upcoming tasks)


That is really nice, thx for sharing this one!

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ddgr that great … I use all time

Some of my favourite command line tools, of the top of my head (there are countless more):

ffmpeg – video editing
imagemagick – picture editing
pdftk – PDF editing
svgo, svgcleaner – SVG optimisers
youtube-dl, yt-dlp – download YouTube videos (the main way I use YouTube)
wget – download anything from the CLI

Of course, there are countless compilers and assemblers, desktop publishing systems like LATEX, text editing utilities like sed, awk, but most people know about these…

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I currently only use one CLI tool and its a simple task/todo manager. I wanted to start easy and not with a crazy learning curve, so I chose Ultralist. I absolutely love it. Made a few alias’ as well to slim down my keystrokes.

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