Ha! I’ve just had a quick check on a MS Outlook email account I have. I use it for registering things I don’t want spam or other tracking from. It’s not even my real name. I use Cookie-Auto-Delete on Firefox and it just deleted 73 cookies from 6 different domains when I left that website. Big Brother kiss my ass! :sweat_smile: :rofl:


They tracked that comment! :rofl:


Do I look or sound or write like I give a f***? I don’t use Windows. I use Arch btw :rofl:


What you talking about … Arch? :laughing:

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Haha, probably both lol! Pacman is probably my only love. The day she betrays me I am learning LFS and, and, oh I guess I just don’t know enough yet stamps foot in childlike frustration Gah! :wink:

@pebcak Coffee? Are you joking? Cider mate. Coffee comes tomorrow morning during the recovery stage :metal:

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Right. Sorry!
I seem to be always in the recovery mode. :man_facepalming:t5:

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I know well the feeling mate! Solidarity.

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You know what though: just because someone is feeling a bit rough doesn’t make their opinions less relevant. If they’ve never fought for their right to party and actually done it then what do they know? Every up comes with a down. You hit the heights and then expect a wobbly Monday morning. Pah, big deal! :metal:

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Just don’t hit SOME of the heights (like Striding Edge in the Lake District, for example) while already on the heights! Of course, being a touch acrophobic (is that why I got my pilot’s license?) may have distorted my viewpoint…!

I’ve been up Helvellyn but not via Striding Edge (visual/balance disabilities make it unsafe for me), Greenside Mines/Little Man route instead. Great views! Sometimes you have to know your limits but my motto is (from Dune apparently) “Fear is the mind-killer”.

Funny - I am the reverse! By the time we made it over Striding Edge, there wasn’t enough safe time (light) to complete the planned trek. My fault, I expect - I went VERY slowly at some points… :grin:

Of course - now I wouldn’t make up to the Lion and the Lamb, even by the easy route. I miss it though…

Planned trek? Wear a head torch. Coming down in the dark can be fun! I’m not even sure what the Lion and the Lamb is but I do know there’s a bloody good pub at the top of Glenridding. All the others round there are rubbish and just deal with tourists.

Edit: Lion & Lamb, is that that thing near Grasmere?

Yup - that’s the place. I even forget it’s proper name now - but I think it was Wainwright that said it as known ‘affectionately’ as the Lion and the Lamb - because it sure looks like it from the right direction! Anyway - Grasmere was always our ‘stomping ground’ - and Grasmere gingerbread is still engraved on my tastebuds…

EDIT: Helm Crag is the ‘other’ name - from another direction it looks like an armoured helmet. Don’t know how that name got away from me - I named my first company Helm Crag Transport (trucking)!!

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Helm Crag, that’s the one! I’ve not been up there but it sure is a pretty picture of a place. :heart_eyes:

Except when I was on top of the Lamb :grin: Scramble was the name of the game…

Fortunately I never found out why the call them the fells… :fallen_leaf:

Fell comes from the Norwegian word “Fjell” which means mountain. The vikings once ruled over much of northern England and many of the modern northern English words and place names are derivatives of the Norse language.