Converting an existing Arch install into EndeavourOS

Hello everyone,

I had an Arch install on linode and wanted to convert it to endeavouros. I believe that I did so properly. I copied the pacman.conf and endeavour-mirrorlist over to my arch install, installed endeavour-keyring, etc. The I downloaded the endeavouros-iso repo from github and copied the files from airrootfs folder over to my arch install as well, replacing /usr/lib/os-release, etc. I can now install endeavouros packages and neofetch reports endeavouros as my OS.

So did I do this properly? Are there any more tips or instructions I need to follow?

Karl Haines

Not entirely. You need to install eos-hooks.

Otherwise lsb-release and os-release will get reset when the packages update.


Yep, I installed eos-* pretty much last night, thanks for the info!!

Could you make an “Howto” for this with detailed steps? It would bei great!

IMO, the idea of converting an Arch install to EOS is quite strange.

What you are doing is adding the EOS repo to Arch and making it identify as EOS. It is still an Arch install though. What you are left with is probably quite different than what you would get if you installed EOS from the ISO.

You won’t have any of our settings and your system wouldn’t be configured in an EOS way.