Contribute to Development for EndeavourOS

We do keep an open structure and working directly together with the EndeavourOS-Community.
So everyone is welcome to contribute to the creation of our installer ISO and for the little Repository packages, we need to give a little convenience to EndeavourOS.
We have wiki’s at GitHub with a todo-list so you can get into it from there:

You can start filling Bug reports here at the Forum or go directly to GitHub and contribute by first getting knowledge about the code and then start with Pull request there, or simply use GitHub to share your thoughts about improvements.

If you want to contact us directly with a question on contributing or similar, you can do this over contact-formula at the Website:

If you are already registered at the forum feel free to contact me @joekamprad @fernandomaroto @manuel or @Bryanpwo directly over the forum message board.

The open structure needs also a system of trust so that we can not introduce anyone without first getting some trust by contributing from outside if you reach a certain level of trust we will invite into a team directly.


The bug report is also linked in the header menu.

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