Constant GPU hangs leading to kwin crashing/recovering

I’m having an issue I’ve never had before. The issue does not exist on Windows, nor Arch or any other Arch-based distro I’ve used.

Every so often, multiple times per day, kwin will crash and recover due to a GPU driver timeout. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I can be playing a game, or I can be browsing using Firefox. Sometimes I’m literally just opening a terminal window.

I’m not sure where exactly to start troubleshooting this issue, for instance where and what logs I should be looking at.

Wait… kwin is available on Windows? :astonished:

Jokes aside: This should be generally “easy” to find logs for, but not necessarily easy to determine the reason for.

You’ll need to make note of the time it happens and provide system logs around that time. If you already have a recorded time, then great. If not, you’ll have to wait for it to happen again.

Here is the link you’d use to provide those logs to someone here who can help:

Also, when did you start noticing it? Last week? Today? Last year? :sweat_smile:

Step 1: Try kwinft
Step 2: Make sure you’re not on Wayland. Wayland doesn’t play well with a lot of things, including nvidia cards.
Step 3: Try another environment than plasma see if it happens there too (maybe just something small and simple like openbox)

I had issues with kwin crashing all the time too, it was something that seemingly came and went depending on the season or some esoteric nonsense. So I moved away from plasma, no more regular crashing for me.

The problem with kde/plasma is that it’s developers love implementing new features but hate fixing bugs or improving what’s already there, they hate it with a burning passion, so KDE looks great, feels great, and is buggy as shit. For some people it works really great though, but I’m not one of them.

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Like 2 days after I installed EndeavorOS, which was last week-ish. Thanks for the link.

@rabcor Sorry for not providing enough info, that’s on me. I’m using Plasma 6 on Wayland, using the AMDGPU drivers for my 7900XT. Wayland has worked perfectly for me for over a year, minus Discord screen sharing.

I’ve tried KwinFT in the past, as I really like it’s proposed ideas. That being said, last time I used it it broke basically everything, and that’s not including the fact that installing it properly is a pain since you have to remember to replace like 7 other packages.

As for plasma/kwin as a whole, I’ve rarely had issues with it all together, and even less since Plasma 6. I’ve not had this issue that I’m talking about on Garuda, or vanilla Arch. I switched to Endeavor when I upgraded my SSD because I wanted something a bit more “pre setup” than vanilla Arch, but I didn’t want to spend 3 days de-garuda-ing a Garuda install. So it’s not a Plasma or Kwin issue, I believe, unless the timing is extremely coincidental.

That being said, I will try another environment maybe. I like Sway well enough, though the tiling can get tiresome.

Hmm, well last i tried kwinft was maybe about a year or 2 ago, but then all i had to do was install it and run it,

Unless you have a particular reason to be on wayland, there’s no reason not to try using X instead, you lose basically nothing unless you need one of the only two features wayland has that x doesn’t. Wayland should work well with amdgpu though.

Maybe use something like inxi -G to give more details about your gpu setup.

if it started 2 days after you installed eOS, either it’s caused by an update (did you try LTS kernel?) or you changed a setting that’s causing it (did you edit your commandline? got anything you put in /etc/modprobe.d/?). This kinda thing can be quite tricky to find out.

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Wayland has significantly less input latency on my high refresh monitor, so I use it. It’s very noticeable when using X11. I also utilize the basic HDR that AMD has implemented to watch my movies in HDR on MPV.

I’ve done nothing but normal updates (which very well may have caused the issue, but I wouldn’t know where to begin), and I’ve not changed any major settings. I’ve not edited anything related to drivers, for sure.

Like I said, I’ll try out Sway for a while and see if the driver hangs/crashes still happen there.

I think the instability may be caused by HDR usage on Wayland. I have nothing to base this on, however HDR has only just recently been introduced in Wayland and might have problems with stability.

If you disable HDR in Plasma Settings -> Display & Monitor
it may stop these intermittent hangs/freezes.

Telling the OP to disable the very reason they use Wayland… :laughing:

It may actually work, though… :eyes:

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That would be a good guess, however I did try that lol. I disabled it and ran kwin for a couple days without it and still had the issue.

I ran Sway for a good few hours and didn’t notice an issue, but unfortunately I’ve been booted into Windows for work related reasons for the last couple days so I’ve not had a chance to really test and see if it’s KWin or my drivers.

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