Connecting my wifi printer

Hi all.
I’m close to getting my Canon TS3355 printer connected, but a pop-up asks me for the location of it.
What is this and how do I find it? I’ve had a read through the EnOS wiki, but I’m stumped.

The IP address of the printer? Or just anything, Office, Toilet, etc etc

Ah yes that must be it, not sure where to find it though.

hehehe I did think that too lol

Open your router home page, should be there.

Okay thanks I’ll do that now.

Just need to find my hub settings password, and I’ll reply here if it’s a solution.

IP address did nothing, also tried just typing “office”

I followed this on the EnOS Wiki (Discover) and now I’m cookin’ with gas.
I’ll mark this as solved.

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