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So it’s not sda your disk ! I don’t see the HOME ?
Mine for exemple is on sdh and it gives :

$ df /dev/sdh*
Sys. de fichiers blocs de 1K Utilisé Disponible Uti% Monté sur
dev                  4033264       0    4033264   0% /dev
/dev/sdh1             293296     280     293016   1% /boot/efi
/dev/sdh2           28706812 9532904   17692644  36% /
/dev/sdh3          267876000  325116  253873880   1% /home
dev                  4033264       0    4033264   0% /dev

That’s why Conky recognize it…

[user@ArchLinux ~]$ df /dev/sda
Файловая система 1K-блоков Использовано Доступно Использовано% Cмонтировано в
dev 8175340 0 8175340 0% /dev

Could you open your hard drive on GPARTED and send me a screenshoot you have a soft for it SCREEN CAPTURE already installed by default


Thanks like you see your /HOME doesn’t appears, there is NO MOUNTPOINT for it, that’s why Conky doesn’t recognize it, and I don’t know why you put your SWAP in the middle ? look mine :


Let’s do this and give me feedback :

lsblk -f

Here the icons are unmounted, everyone is standing, but does not see conky.
I don’t understand what’s the matter

[user@ArchLinux ~]$ lsblk -f
│ ext2 boot e77df80f-d698-4278-898b-c26b78c3622f 955,5M 0% /run/media
│ ext4 root 409ba814-ad97-4150-9faf-22e66ded03d7 252G 9% /
│ swap swap 139fa347-4b93-43d8-aa1c-23a152a5aab7 [SWAP]
ext4 home 93fae42c-6261-4fe4-a8c0-62b7a517452b 558,1G 0% /run/media

ok you need to modify your /etc/fstab this is where appears your MOUNTPOINTS
I think you are on MBR not GPT scheme partition, you installed Endeavouros on Legacy mode not UEFI, right ?


Do you use an old computer to use Legacy mode ?
Give me the feedback of this :

systemctl status /home

[user@ArchLinux ~]$ systemctl status /home
Unit home.mount could not be found.

Why doesn’t he see

FIrst in the terminal you need to find the good UUID from your sda4 /HOME with :


Then modify your /etc/fstab to add your Mountoint /home at the right place of the good UUID :

sudo nano /etc/fstab

CTRL + O to writte after CTRL + X to Quit (you move inside file with the cursor UP DOWN L R)


mount -o remount /home

[user@ArchLinux ~]$ blkid
/dev/sda1: LABEL=“boot” UUID=“e77df80f-d698-4278-898b-c26b78c3622f” TYPE=“ext2” PARTUUID=“f2620418-01”
/dev/sda2: LABEL=“root” UUID=“409ba814-ad97-4150-9faf-22e66ded03d7” TYPE=“ext4” PARTUUID=“f2620418-02”
/dev/sda3: LABEL=“swap” UUID=“139fa347-4b93-43d8-aa1c-23a152a5aab7” TYPE=“swap” PARTUUID=“f2620418-03”
/dev/sda4: LABEL=“home” UUID=“93fae42c-6261-4fe4-a8c0-62b7a517452b” TYPE=“ext4” PARTUUID=“f2620418-04”

It’s easier to demolish it, don’t bother, it’s probably not the right installation or maybe something with the disk, but I recently replaced it or with the hardware part?

Read up I gave you the solution for it.
But yes, would be better if your computer accept UEFI to redo a clean install and GPT partition scheme.
The best way is to prepare your DISK with GPARTED first then make the install.

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Static information about the filesystems.

See fstab(5) for details.

/dev/sda2 LABEL=root

UUID=409ba814-ad97-4150-9faf-22e66ded03d7 / ext4 >

/dev/sda3 LABEL=swap

UUID=139fa347-4b93-43d8-aa1c-23a152a5aab7 none swap >

I have no sections

Okay, I’ll try to put the image with gpt.

FLVAL Thank you!!!, I will unsubscribe soon.

So this is where it will mount automatically at boot so ADD your missing for /home

/dev/sda4 LABEL=DATA
UUID=xxxxxxxyourUUIDnumberxxxxx /home ext4

If you decide to redo a clean intstall :
  1. On GPARTED create a GPT partition Scheme, knowing you will loose all data on it
  2. Create all your partitions on the model I gave you UP but choose at least 550Mb for sda1 /boot/efi with esp flag
  3. Check your BIOS to desactivate secure boot and choose your hard drive UEFI to boot
  4. Install from your UEFI usb key and don’t forget to choose to boot from sda1

Let me know

Everything was in order I had to tinker :slight_smile: I did the gparted manual partitioning for the first time. I probably forgot to unmount the sda2 drive when installing the base. So far, xfce.SCREEN CAPTURE disappeared. Now everything works fine, we will be fine waiting for the new installer to be released with other environments.(google translate)

Great, You got it, so your conky works finally ?
You could see your System and Home as well ?