Conky nVidia temperature reading with Wayland?

I’ve been tinkering with Wayland & nVidia (yes I know I like punishment…) I’ve got it working very well, except for GWE not working & no output for nVidia sensors in Conky. I’m not troubled without GWE (don’t O/C my card anyway), but I do like to keep track of temps because I do BOINC work.

In doing research—I see that nv-control functionality is being added to the NVML Library ( see: ). Has anyone here looked into this & in particular looked at the API info to see if sensor reading can be currently enabled? The API information:

I’ve been looking at it (some heavy lifting involved for me…) & still am not seeing a good way to integrate what it touches on into Conky…

I can look at nVidia settings & it returns a core temp reading—so there must be a variable that we can access…

Thoughts anyone?

nvidia-smi -q -d temperature

==============NVSMI LOG==============

Timestamp                                 : Sun Jan 15 20:22:04 2023
Driver Version                            : 525.78.01
CUDA Version                              : 12.0

Attached GPUs                             : 1
GPU 00000000:01:00.0
        GPU Current Temp                  : 35 C
        GPU Shutdown Temp                 : 101 C
        GPU Slowdown Temp                 : 98 C
        GPU Max Operating Temp            : 87 C
        GPU Target Temperature            : N/A
        Memory Current Temp               : N/A
        Memory Max Operating Temp         : N/A

Should do it.

nvidia-smi -q -d temperature | grep -i "GPU Current" 


Habit. It is an expansion:

abbrev-alias -g gg="| grep -i "

But I copied and pasted, so case insensitivity not needed :smiley:

Thanks!! I had not thought about nvidia-smi…

${execi 10 nvidia-smi -q -d temperature | grep -i "GPU Current" }
${execi 10 nvidia-smi -q -d temperature | grep -i "GPU Slowdown" }
${execi 10 nvidia-smi -q -d temperature | grep -i "GPU Shutdown" }

At least filled the hole that was there…now for nVidia to “really” make the library useable would be to add fan control & frequency readings…

I don’t have nVidia stuff - but I have seen conky code for displaying fan etc for nVidia. Now if only I could remember where I saw it! Apparently it is extractable - should I go looking for it? It could even be in hwmon somewhere…

No problem…the code above works for now. The problem is with nVidia…they are only providing a small sub-set of what is available in xorg.

It was easy to write:

${nvidia temp 0} 
${nvidia memfreq 0}
${nvidia gpufreq 0} 

to get the info I really needed…You see above what it takes now to just get Temps…there is NO access to GPU Freq or Memory freq or temp in Wayland at this time.

I wasn’t sure about Wayland (haven’t found a reason to use it yet), so I’m not too surprised! A VERY knowledgable conky friend of mine has nVidia, so I was aware he got lots more info into conky, but he’s on X still too…

Glad you got at least the minimums going!

And I now see another problem that is a deal-breaker for me with Wayland. I run BOINC 24/7 & when I woke the system up this morning—BOINC was “frozen”. Need to do some checking into why that happened–of course, that is not happening in Xorg…going to bugreport to BOINC about it.

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