Conky-Lua Deprecated [AUR] Alternatives?

I have been using conky-lua for a long time and just found out that it is deprecated due to the AUR being outdated and lua 5.4 supposedly does not work with conky 1.12.2. Does anyone know of a similar app (please no KDE widgets)?

conky supports lua since a long time, why not use the one from the repo?

  'glibc' 'glib2' 'lua'

Will try this tonight after fixing the arch to aarch64.

I use conky-cairo - which has a PKGBUILD set up to allow the version you want to be built (up to git level). Libraries can also be selected as desired - I drop the nvidia integration, and add in the Audacious capability to match my setup, with a 10 second edit in the PKGBUILD. BTW - the maintainer is in constant conky devel mode (wrote and maintains conkywx weather+ library as well) so can be contacted if any problems arise…

PS: currently running 1.12.1 as later ones give some of my conkys fits as yet!

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I tried compiling with BUILD_AUDACIOUS=ON and adding audacious as a depend, but it gives an error about audclient, so i googled that and found a generic audacious PKGBUILD for that. I am still getting a lua nil value error. I am trying to use the conky-seamod and conky-serene git conkyrc files.

Sorry - wasn’t thinking that you’d be using that setup! If you are, I do it with yay libaudclient to get it on your system (I think it will still install that way - if not it can easily be found elsewhere and copied into place) and then modify the PKGBUILD in the 2 necessary places. In my case, I replace the reference to nvidia’s lib file with libaudclient, and set the BUILD to AUDACIOUS - as shown here:

Extracts from PKGBUILD
depends=( 'alsa-lib' 'libxml2' 'curl' 'cairo' 'wireless_tools' 'libxft' 'librsvg' 'glib2' 'libxdamage' 'imlib2' 'lua' 'libaudclient' 'libxinerama' )


	cmake \

I now have conky working, just gave up on Audacious as I don’t use it. I also, have lua working with conkyrc_seamod and have updated to my system and changed the colors. Thanks for all of the help!

Yeah - the audacious is only for extra goodies with conky, and not relevant if you don’t have it in use! I have it displaying the album cover art, track length and position, and a bar graph of position (see pic) - but it is hardly definitive!


Glad you got it going - just look out for potential addiction (see back catalog in Share Your Desktop, for instance!).

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I just shared my first conky yesterday and I see why it is so addicting.

It can be very helpful or hurtful. It is really nice to hit a keyboard sequence and see the weather or visually tell why your PC is laggy by just looking at your desktop w/o having to use top/bpytop/htop… Also, for me it is a good excuse to force me to learn lua and figure out why something is not working right.

if the arch conky is compiled with lua enabled then something has gone wrong cos its not working.

i have a nice (imo) lua analogue desktop clock that always used to work on a different distro. on eos it has never worked, just spat out some lua error messages

now i finally got around to looking into it and in the end i decided to remove conky and compile and install it myself from scratch/source, making sure lua is enabled. and voila the clock works.

Yup, so it should. As mentioned above, there are a number of lua-enabled conky versions in the AUR as well (such as conky-cairo) so the effort needed is user selectable!

Check if lua is compiled because for me, lua was not compiled into the ARM version. You can check by typing conky -v in a terminal. It will spit out all of the compilation flags.