Congratulations EndeavourOS's team of developers!

Just now I created my account with EndeavourOS and felt compelled to post this mail.
Let me introduce myself as someone who evolved with the evolution of Linux from the days of setting horizontal and vertical sync of mouse in RedHat to the auto hardware detection in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I have tested nearly all the flavours of linux - from Redhat to Mint, to Solaris, to Scientific Linux, to Puppy linux, to Fedora, to CentOS that I came by on the way. But I recently went through a harrowing experience.
The hard disk on my laptop crashed and I had to replace it with a new one. The old hard disk was declared corrupted. Subsequently I was able to bring that to life. My PC already has Windows 7 and Ubuntu 20.04 installed on the new HDD. I worked on making it bootable. And I succeeded in installing and testing Trisquel linux and openSuse 15.2 together and installed Grub on the MBR of the old HD (hdb) leaving the new HD untouched.
Subsequently not feeling happy with what I tested, I went on for EndeavourOS. I am gratly elated to say that till date I have not come across a linux distro as organized, planned, beautifully done-up like EndeavourOS. Everything works fine. Now I have a Grub that brings together the new HDD Windows 7 and Ubuntu 20.04 and old HDD openSuse and EndeavourOS - four OS in all. I just wish to congratulate the team of developers who must have gone through extreme planning in creating this wonderful OS. Please keep it up.


Welcome @hrpandit !!

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to the forum!
Indeed, Endeavour OS devs have done a great job with the distro and the forum!

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Welcome @hrpandit

Welcome aboard @hrpandit :clap:

Welcome to one of the friendliest forums you will find and welcome to a unique Linux distro without all the fluff, so that you can make of it what you want :relaxed:

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Welcome @hrpandit to the EndeavourOS forums and the community. We are all glad that you enjoy EndeavourOS and we really appreciate your words.

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Good to have you with us, - EOS is an incredible achievement for the level of flexibility and performance achieved in making Arch more accessible for those willing to take the leap and learn.