Confusing info about default desktop

You speak in a recent blog post, that the XFCE live desktop has changed to a Plasma one.
Does this also affect the default offline installation?


Also: If you are gonna move to the second most recent kernel, you will avoid typical conflicts and achieve proper hardware support as well.

The KaOS distro fares well with that strategy since over 10 years.
Every kernel ripes for 6 - 8 weeks, most often till its around x.x.15, and then it gets used in production.

Optimal balance.

The default desktop is going to change, once Galileo is released. The current Cassini Nova release still ships Xfce, that’s why it still is mentioned on the website.

This is actually the first time we couldn’t release an ISO due to an upstream Linux kernel bug. If we do as you suggested, we have to develop and maintain a separate repo to keep the ISO AND the running systems in sync. We simply don’t have that manpower available. :wink:


Yeah true, main Arch is doing all the work for us right now.
I was mainly speaking theoretically, more people would have to work for it.
Although, KaOS is maintained by a single person, including 2200+ packages. ^^