Conda and vscode - how to get these two things to work

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is there a appropiate way and method to activate conda in VSCode - on a Linux-system : how to do that!?

kathryn tells here:

You will see two JSON settings: Preference: Open Workspace Settings (JSON) and Preference: Open User Settings (JSON)

The difference between these two is that the Workspace one would only config your settings to your current workspace (working directory), and the User one is like a global default fallback setting, which applies to all of your VSCode projects while there is no .vscode folder (workspace setting) found in your working directory.

Here, I use the Preference: Open Workspace Settings (JSON), because I only want to use this Python environment for this project.

and additinally: she says:

Here we add three things in the configurations:

“python.pythonPath”:“C:\\Users\\<your-usrname>\\Anaconda3\\envs\\<your-conda-env>\\python.exe” “python.terminal.activateEnvironment”: true “”: “C:\\Windows\\System32\\cmd.exe”, `but wait: we want to do this in Linux. So what do we do here!?` Kathryn:

If you have problem finding the conda virtual environment path, you can open a terminal with your target conda env activated, and then type: where python and it will show you the existing python.exe in your system.

Well - the question is - how to apply all those tings in Linux?!

Maybe this video can help you (start on 1:14):

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Generally any write up or tutorial starting with xxxxxx.exe, C://Windows or similar, the answer is usually clear: it doesn’t work. This is the closest thing I got for you. Good luck.

  1. install conda
  2. setup env in conda
  3. install vscode
  4. choose env in vscode

I use miniconda3 and vscodium-bin. work fine

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hi there - many thanks for the tipps and for sharing your insights. -
i appreciate this alot