Computer crashed during system update

Sure a lot of us have had this, I’m stuck and I can’t boot. I’m writing this from live booting into a usb. For some reason whenever I boot and decrypt my luks encrypted driver, I get /efi failed to mount.

I arch-chrooted into the drive. Ran

sudo pacman -Syu
sudo pacman -Syu linux

mkinitcpio -P
bootctl update
bootctl --path=/ef install

None of this works, I think its a problem with vfat, when I do systemctl status efi.mount it says “unknown filesystem type ‘vfat’”, so I trued using modprobe vfat in the recovery cli but it gave an error saying it didnt exist, but when I arch-chroot I can load it fine and regenerate my inframfs but it still won’t boot.

Also when i use fsc.vfat -a /dev/nvme0n1p1, it says dirty bit is set, fs was not properly unmounted and data may be corrupt, automatically removing dirty bit. filesystem was changed. i restart, things don’t boot, so I arch chroot back in, run the command and it says the same thing.

Sorry for no caps I am so tired have been trying to fix this for hours.

Aha! It appears I am dumb for some reason, and keep replacing dracut with mkinitcpio, and I have literally no idea when or how I do this, but I did it again, so following the instructions I got last time I have resolved the issue.

We use dracut, not mkinitcpio. It looks like you installed mkinitcpio, which removed kernel-install-for-dracut.

That causes your initrams to be generated in the wrong place which is why you are having issues.

To fix this, first mount your efi partition to the correct location in the chroot. It should be mounted /efi, not /boot/efi.

Next pacman -S kernel-install-for-dracut which will want you to remove mkinitcpio.

After that, you need to go into the /efi directory, and clean out the old kernels and initrds.

Lastly, run reinstall-kernels

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