Complete removal of a desktop environment

I have installed GNOME Desktop Environment, but I have got all the three by default. Now I want to remove Gnome classic and Gnome on xorg completely. Is it possible to do so? If I use the command “sudo pacman -Runs genome-classic” will it remove genome classic completely. What will be the command for removing Genome on xorg. Thanks in advance.

Have a look in:


I would just rename them to gnome.desktop-old as an example.

Thanks @xircon, But I think that way they will just remain in the system and are not removed completely. The point is how to remove them completely?

Delete them, but what if something goes wrong? and they are tiny text files.

Shall I use the command “sudo pacman -Runs genome-classic”

No because there is no such package.

The classic session is not a separate program, it is just executed differently from the main Gnome (it is not “genome”).

All you can do is remove the menu entry in GDM.

How can I remove it from GDM so these options are not visible to me during login. I know its getting too much , but

@xircon already told you how to remove the menu entries in GDM. Just rename the files in /usr/share/xsessions/

You do not have three desktop environments installed, it’s all the same GNOME, but with different components and settings. The storage space you would save by deleting these files is completely negligible, and you might break things.


A lot of thanks @xircon and @Kresimir for sparing your valuable time and giving such prompt reply. Actually you have not only told how to solve this problem but have also given the conceptual clarity how this GNOME works. If possible suggest some readings. It was my first post and I am fully satisfied by the forum and this is what makes EndeavourOS different from other Arch based distros.


It might be this one:

community/gnome-flashback 3.36.3-3
    GNOME Flashback session