Compiling ungoogled chromium ends up pausing


trying to install ungoogled-chromium from Yay. Used options yay -Syu ungoogled-chromium, selected ungoogled, then clean build. After building it stops/pauses

I’m able to press enter and enter letters but nothing happens. This happened 3 times so far.

For troubleshooting:
rebooted laptop
ran sudo pacman -Sc and yay -Sc
ran sudo pacman -Syu and yay -Syu
ran yay -Syu ungoolged-chromium and same issue

Is this OS related? Sorry, newbie here. The terminal is still running.

Ungoogled Chromium is available on Flathub if you want to go that route…Easy install and works quite well when installed…


Also…In another direction…My default browser has become LibreWolf…Well worth looking at…


You could try the prebuilt binaries as described here.