Compaq laptop randomly freeze and boot slowly

Hi all, I’m just new to Linux and I’ve been hopping from 2 past distros now I come to EndeavaourOs by the friends challenge
and now I have some problem
first I’d miss the presentation with my crush group because my laptop takes so long to boot up from Grub and the internal ramdisk I guess? before it moves up to systemd
and the second and the most important one is my laptop is randomly freezing and I seem to can’t find anything to help with this so…
all the log file maybe need for help are here
and sorry for my evil English so…
just some weird note I’d freeze again for 3 when I write this and that it;D

Having a quick look at those logs I would say Plasma is probably not ideal for your computer. You would probably be better off with a window manager or something like lxqt that is much lighter on resources.
BTW welcome to the forum


KDE Plasma is too heavy for your hardware. Even if boot time isn’t an issue, you don’t have enough RAM to be productive on that machine. The DE alone uses slightly more than 1 GB of RAM upon boot; that’s 50% of your memory used up already.

You need to run something lightweight like a tiling window manager. There are many to choose from. If you know a bit of C, then I’d go with the suckless dwm. If you want something that is easy to configure, try i3wm. For a complete list of linux window managers (stacking, tiling, and dynamic), refer to:


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