Community bspwm edition showing only a black screen

Hi!I installed the community bspwm edition using the guide made sure to isntall sxkd polybar and bspwm before running the bash script,still getting a black screen with no cursor and polybar.The initial de i chose was gnome.Also it’s a fresh install

Does any keybinding work?

try pressing mod + enter
It should launch the terminal.

Or press mod + d
it should show the application launcher.

If it works, then its only the wallpaper which is missing.

try ( #out ) dex + picom in the bspwmrc. and what flyingcakes say…

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no keybindings work commenting out picom didnt fix it either

guess you no install correct… i install gnome then install bspwm from

i get this !!

that tell me you do some thing wrong . or maybe hardwear ? install work

EDit… as see x2 file manager …

EDit… now i need clean drive ,for other things