Colours with ls

The default ls display is very unreadable, especially the directory listings (EOS / xfce / xfce terminal).

I try to change the colors but I can’t. I tried to modify the LS_COLORS variable but it doesn’t change anything. Moreover, it is empty by default, so I think that the colors are managed elsewhere…

I didn’t find any explanation on how to manage colors in EOS / xfce / xfce terminal in the forum or elsewhere.

Does anyone have a clue?


Did you try to modify the variable directly in xfce4-terminal ?

LS_COLORS="di=1;38;5;207" && export LS_COLORS

The directories should be in pink and bold.

check out ls alternatives like exa and lsd

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It is in the aur.

The terminal program has a GUI settings feature, there you can change the theming colors to EndeavourOS which is much clearer.

Newbie’s mistake. I didn’t think about exporting… :rofl:
Thanks !

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