Colour palette?

Having been thoroughly enjoying @SGS’ artistic output, I’m wondering if there is an available and defined colour palette for EndeavourOS. Thinking I might like to create some Kate/Konsole etc themes based roughly thereon.

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Not sure if this helps but these are the logo colors:



I will have to make a Thread when I have time, to regroup all latest logos, with different size, Palette to use about EndeavourOS. Lot of time I saw disproportional Eos Logo, or bad colors inside it !

ICC profile sRGB to use on your graphic software for web…then calibrate your display profile closest from a print color you did…to see on your screen how others probably would see it also.


I used Inkscape to find the colors, so the ending “ff” in this picture are the transparency values, here no transparency :wink:
I try to fix some “errors” but I am not sure.
Could be the artist wanted the light bow on top also in the ff7f7f area?

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Hex #FFFFFF means Hex RGB% (100%,100%,100%) or RGB (255,255,255)
100% Red + 100% Green + 100% Blue which corresponds to 0%, 0%, 0%, 0% in CMYK for print
So you get the White for this value…

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Unfortunately, all this does not mean much to me and I will probably not learn more. :wink:

I take the data that Inkscape shows me

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Yep You have a lot of different format then I will only put the RGB one that users could find the equivalent…RGB RGBA HSL HSLA etc…

The HSLA is a good format also, the A is for Alpha… Each format has advantage and disadvantage.

You have 2 models of color manager HSB and HSL (could be named TSB and TSL in some countries) that defines differently colors in the RGB space.

So depending the software you use, some use HSB and some other HSL way to manage color RGB space.

Gimp for example uses TSB as Adobe, LibreOffice, QuarkXpress etc…