Color palette as wallpaper

Hi all,
how i can set color palette as wallpaper? it’s possible set as background of login manager (in my case Lightdm) but i don’t know if it’s possible as wallpaper.

If you have a picture file, you can set is as the wallpaper with command

eos-wallpaper-set "my-picture-file-name"

And welcome! :smile:

If i have a picture. But for color palette?

Just open gimp and create a file for your size 1920x1080 or whatever, background fll whatever color you want and save. Then use it as the picture in wallpaper

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Sorry for my idiot question.

Not at all. Some of my favorite backgrounds have just been very dark grey. That’s all you need, wallpapers are over rated. Glad it was easily solvable :slight_smile:

Because i like Windows 2000’s default wallpaper blue. It’s not nostalgia, because i don’t used Windows 2000, maybe only in primary school (since 2000 at 2005). But i like this and in Internet i don’t find. You find all Windows 2000’s wallpaper, but not this. So, thank you.

What you want to do is built into Cinnamon. On the main menu: Preferences/Backgrounds/Settings Under Picture Aspect, select No Picture. The gadget below that will let you select any color you wish. You can even select two colors to create a gradient.

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Thank you all.

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