Code re-organization: eos-pacdiff

I reorganized Welcome app code and “extracted” a new standalone CLI command eos-pacdiff from Welcome. Now Welcome is using that standalone command as well.

eos-pacdiff invokes pacdiff and uses the configured (see /etc/eos-script-lib-yad.conf) diffing program.

As eos-pacdiff knows about the running environment, and like Welcome’s version did on Wayland, eos-pacdiff will prefer diffuse on Wayland.
Note that if Wayland users would not like the hard-coded preference of diffuse, please let me know.


Does this now mean that meld is no longer needed for comparison?

No, that hasn’t changed in any way.

eos-pacdiff uses the configured (see /etc/eos-scrips-lib-yad.conf) diffing program just like Welcome did (and still does).


thx @manuel

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Thanks @manuel! Instantly into my aliases list - saves on wasted welcome startups too! Love those little goodies (su-c_wrapper, RunInTerminal etc).

What does this alias look like?

Having a limited imagination, it is only:

alias pacdiff='eos-pacdiff'

so I don’t have to learn anything new! :grin:

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I get the following error message:

==> ERROR: Cannot find the vim -d binary required for viewing differences.

Is it sufficient to install vim additionally or someone else? btw, I have installed meld

See file /etc/eos-script-lib-yad.conf, variable EOS_WELCOME_PACDIFFERS.
That’s a list of supported diff programs.

In the /etc directory is a file eos-script-lib-yad.conf, and an item in those settings is:

EOS_WELCOME_PACDIFFERS=(meld kdiff3 kompare diffuse code diff vim)

where the first item mentioned (meld) is the one used for pacdiff. Other interesting settings in there - depending which of the goodies you use. For instance, I use su-c_wrapper rather than sudo for things like updates, so as to force some thought for using root password instead of sudo user password on system-changing stuff…

Have you updated your system? The error message might indicate old versions.

And, could you show your config file:

cat /etc/eos-script-lib-yad.conf | eos-sendlog

and show the URL here?

Thanks, but that still doesn’t answer my question. The error message tells me that Vim is not found. However, meld is used. What to do?
The welcome app shows me that meld has been detected.

Ok, the last update is still pending.

After the update it works with the alias from @freebird54 , thx alot!


Great! :smile:

Updates are important, especially when they don’t break stuff. :wink: :rofl:



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At the end welcome get matured to work into a endeavour launch manager lol

Almost worth a look at splitting off 'Welcome" and EOS-Assistant by now :grin: Especially if you add in a few ‘Personal Commands’ to taste…

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