Clone whole system

Hi there …

Im will be moving my install to large drive and i will do some partition editing i that (smaller windows partition)…

If the PC has only windows … i have be done for last two ears cloning with marcius partition tool free.

But now → on drive is linux , so …EFI parition , Windows parition , recovery partition , Endeavour OS parition. Thanks to Linux cloning with marcius is off limit … linux will not boot.

So whats is the safer and mos easy way ? … No i will not manualy recreate paritions move it wit rclone , fix all the stuff aroud with premisions and fstab and …
Clonezilla ? Will it du everithing iclude fix fstab ?

Hi @CyberDeath,
Rescuezilla is more user friendly than Clonezilla
blkid -s UUID
shows the UUID-s in case you need to modify them in /etc/fstab
(if new partitions are not mounted you can use thunar as well to mount it)


Yeah i watch it nad i think it will be the easiest way ?

Is there somewhere wiki about what you need to install from endeavourOS repo if you customizing arch o any of his spins to endeavour OS (i thinking about it to install arco,Garuda or CTL becaus of wayland based WM desktop → my target is easyest way to waybox ot labwc)

So i forgot about this but i think info for someone else who want same answer is needed.

Rescuezilla is ok if you have only linux on system … clone is OK fixing fstab is not needed , UUID is cloned.

But if you have windows in you disk int will not boot.
And because fixin boot parition in windwos is realy realy anoying and most of the standart MS tools dont work (most of the time) → fastes and best solution is reformat EFI parition and made it from sratch.

So i recomend cloning EFI + windows partitions with tool like Marcius reflect free.
And then by rescuezilla clone the linux paritons . (or oposit direction → first linux then windows and EFI is OK too but the first looks safer)

has a bunch of good info about

yeah that page is realy not helpful :slight_smile:
And if you have windows and linux the page is worthless :smiley:

it is? i do not think so
i use the same way to clone windows drives too.

Really ?
How ? Every time i try to clone disk within linux with they tools or only simple DD , on witch is Win 10 or 11 they dont boot.
And even bootable medium cant fix it ( bcdedit and bootrec allways dont work thank to problem file rights)

dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=64K conv=noerror,sync status=progress

should work properly and it is not changing any filerights

Hm this can work … but insted of cloning the whole system on 1tb HDD by 1h … it will take like 6-8h … this is realy not solution … its clone even empty space :frowning: ( Raw Data cloning)

all needs a good plan and smart thinking.
I do use maximum 500GB drives for the OS i have some of the installed same number of drives.
Testing drives are even smaller like 150 - 250 GB … and i do not clone very often… i do reinstall in case have my dotfiles saved and personal data in a backup cycle.

Most case is if i do upgrade windows systems where it is simply more stress free to clone it to a new drive instead of reinstall the thing and go to all the trouble of registering downloading 10001 apps …

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