Clock panel item broken on XFCE4

I’m attaching a pic so it’s easier to see exactly what I mean:

This happened after a recent update (can’t say exactly when, but close to a week ago). Before, date and time were perfectly readable and next to each other on the panel. Now, the font is smaller and the date and time texts are on top of each other and overlap, hurting readability. Changing the size of the panel or the date and time format did not solve this issue. Displaying only date OR time does of course solve the overlapping, but I wish to see both date and time at all times. Any help would be appreciated.

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I suggest you add two Clocks to the panel, one for time only, and the other for date only. Then it is easy to set the font size how you want.

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You can very simple get back the old situation like this:

Right click clock in panel and choose properties

Choose time only and select custom format
Use this as format:
%a, %d %b %Y, %R
Set font size to 9 and font type to Noto Sans Bold

It will look like it was before

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This is what i see on an new install on cassini with Xfce4 4.18

Mmm do note that there is a difference between clock and dateTime widget, my description is for clock to get the layout back from 4.16.
On Manjaro i don’t have dateTime though, but on endeavouros do
That is on cassini, xfce 4.18

Using the panel clock (not the datetime plugin ), I manage to stack the time above the date by using a Custom Format and making the date smaller than the time.


If you want the date and time to be side by side instead of stacked, use this code, wherein %n is replaced with a space:

%T %Y/%m/%d

You can find the complete list of format control sequences here:

My panel height is 34 pixels.


Thank you everyone for your kind replies, especially to manuel for a witty work-around and to both fred666 and kwg for what I consider to be the solution to my issue.

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