Clipgrab noted youtube url in clipboard memory, but not able to be clicked to download

Clipgrab noted youtube url in clipboard memory, but the notification msg when clicked does nothing to download the video.
I used this app on manjaro before, it can monitor clipboard for video url to download .
When it has noticed the existance of video url, it will post a msg at the bottom right . when i click on the msg, it will start to download the video from the url.
On Endea, this msg is not clickable; no matter you i clicked on it, it does not download. And there is nothing in clipgrab setting that can help.


I dropped ClipGrab a long time ago. I’ve been using youtube-dl with youtube-dl-gui-git. As for that message being clickable it just a notification as far as I remember. I don’t know which version of ClipGrab you have, but you might try the appimage version. I know from experience one of the versions out there has issues.


Me too. Some time ago I used ClipGrab, but then I discovered youtube-dl and now I only use that (from the terminal, of course :wink: ).

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I tried 1 terminal cmd type download for youtube video… but it is hard to download and select which resolution of video to down… and i discover the dl is with bugs… many of my download was truncated, not complete.
However i discovered Clipgrab was wonderful and easy to use for youtube on manjaro… the msg that popped up when i ctrl+c the youtube url, when i just click on the msg, it will starts download. However this that i have does not, hence have to manually copy and paste.
Is there many version of clipgrab ? Maybe the version of clipgrab that manjaro uses in their repo is better ?

How did you use youtube-dl by typing the url and other command options each time you need to download something ? isn’t that slow ? and back to dianosour age tech ? :upside_down_face:

Your are refering to this right ?

youtube-dl has always worked flawlessly for me.

Generally I don’t need to use any extra options, just youtube-dl URL grabs a high resolution copy.

By default youtube-dl tries to download the best available quality, i.e. if you want the best quality you don’t need to pass any special options, youtube-dl will guess it for you by default.

But the options are nice to have available, for example to download subtitles.


Why it is so easy for you guys… i have once downloaded several youtube video that is good for keeping altogether… After they are done with downloading, i realized they were all truncated. Since then i never use it anymore. I saw this youtube-dl from a guy from youtube. It seems so easy for him to use, but not for me.
I would like to know… How do you put the youtube url to youtube-dl for it to start downloading… and direct download destination ? Do you have to copy and paste the url ? how come so easy for you guys… and i found it slow and a lot of work.

Maybe it is the way i do it wrong… tell me pls.

Well, yes, there isn’t much to it.

Say, this is the URL of the video you want to download:

You just run this command in the terminal (inside the directory where you want to download the video):


Unless you like typing that long URL, yes, it is suggested you paste it in. Remember, if you are using Konsole or the GNOME terminal, the paste shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+V (not Ctrl+V, that will not work). :wink:

youtube-dl will automatically pick the best format and audio and video quality (you can fine tune that with various arguments, but that’s a fairly advanced subject beyond the scope of this brief introduction to youtube-dl).

If you’re using bash as your shell, that’s all you have to do.

If you’re using zsh, then the ? in the URL is going to be a problem (because of extended globing), so either just put the URL in the double quotes:

youtube-dl ""

or use my solution here. If you are confused by that, just ignore this, chances are it does not apply to you. Unless you manually installed zsh, you are using bash as your shell, because that is the default on Arch. If you are not sure which shell you are using, the echo $SHELL command will tell you.


Then you had a issue on your end. I’m been using the two files in conjunction on Manjaro, Garuda, and now EndeavourOS without issue. Now that said I used the appimage not the ones in the various repos. As for use of Youtube-dl I just launch it, open the Youtube video I want in my browser, copy the URL and paste it into Youtube-dl, click the add button, click the download button. No I am not referring to that cause that’s building it rather than just installing, and it’s only the terminal portion.

Both @anon3337769 and @Kresimir are correct.


I miss the clipgrab that i used on manjaro… it auto detects clipboard for youtube url… that saves me from copy , switch app and paste then switch back …

Sorry, wrong one
You should be refering to this