Clipboard printscreen selected area stopped working

I used to be able to directly copy a printscreen area into clipboard by using ctrl+shift+prtsc. But after a recent update I find myself not being able to do that. I can still use ctrl+prtsc and prtsc. And prtsc still does what I want but i need to press enter after my selection, to add it to clipboard which adds 1 more step.

I’m using gnome v42.0, window system x11.
OS: EndeavourOS; Build ID: 2021.04.17, OS type: 64-bit

This is a workaround i found:

This actually brings up the selection area cursor, but after selecting the area, I expect it to automatically save into clipboard like it usually does. But it doesn’t. I have to rely on prtsc interactive instead.

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@knightoo, welcome to our lovely community. I was about to post that link, but you were faster than me. :+1:

@Triby thanks for the warm welcome. I just realised it doesn’t really work

User said something about gnome-flashback, but don’t trust me, I’m still a noob and it’s better to do some research before trying any suggestion.

I end up using maim instead. And to add multiple commands to the gnome custom shortcuts, use sh -c "maim -s | xclip -selection clipboard -t image/png". All good now. Thanks @Triby

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@PhoenixAwakened sorry i’ve updated the question title. Shift PrtSc is still there. The copy area to clipboard is missing after the update.