Clevo keyboard backlights no longer working: insmod error


Generally after each kernel update, I have to re-install and setup keyboard backlights. Here’s what has worked for me in the past:

cd Downloads
cd rgbcontrol
cd module
sudo pacman -S gcc make
sudo make && sudo make -S
sudo insmod clevo-xsm-wmi.ko
sudo pacman -S -m644 clevo-xsm-wmi.ko /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/extra
sudo depmod
sudo tee /etc/modules-load.d/clevo-xsm-wmi.conf <<< clevo-xsm-wmi
sudo update-initramfs -uk all```

However, now when I get to `sudo insmod clevo-xsm-wmi.ko` I get the error `insmod: ERROR: could not insert module clevo-xsm-wmi.ko: Invalid module format`

Would anyone happen to know a way around that, or a better way in general to have functional keyboard backlights?

why not just use the package in AUR?

>paru -Ss clevo
aur/init-headphone 0.12-1 [+7 ~0.00] [Out-of-date: 2020-04-14]
    Re-enables headphone jack after sleep/suspend resume on Clevo notebooks
aur/clevo-xsm-wmi 1.1-3 [+6 ~0.00]
    A reverse engineering driver for the Clevo laptop models backlight keyboard.
aur/clevo-xsm-wmi-dkms 1.1-7 [+5 ~0.00]
    A reverse engineering driver for the Clevo SM series backlight keyboard (DKMS version)
aur/clevo-xsm-wmi-util 1.1-1 [+4 ~0.00]
    A GUI control utility for the clevo-xsm-wmi driver.
aur/clevo_wmi-gui 7.674ae23-1 [+1 ~0.00]
    GUI for Clevo Notebooks with a backlit keyboard with controllable LEDs.
aur/clevo-wmi-dkms-git 0.9.6-4 [+1 ~0.00] [Out-of-date: 2018-01-28]
    A reverse engineered driver for the Clevo P15SM/P17SM/P170EM/W230ST/W350STQ/W370ST/W650SR/W670SR/W740SU backlight keyboard
aur/clevo-indicator-git r42.b88e763-1 [+1 ~0.22]
    Fan control indicator for Clevo laptops
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I have tried the ones here that apply with no luck, I’ll try the ones I haven’t tried yet and see how it goes.

Looks like openrgb supports some clevo as well

Each time you install or update a kernel you have to compile the kernel driver module to match that kernel.

This is normally where DKMS comes in as it’s intended to automatically take care of rebuilding the module for a new or updated kernel.


appears to match this:


so more detail is needed about what “no luck” means here - and about what fails.