Clarify journalctl explanation in the forum log tool article

This part is confusing in it’s wording

journalctl -b -0 # last boot
journalctl -b -1 # boot before last
journalctl -b -2 # and two boot before last

It should be

journalctl -b -0 # curent boot
journalctl -b -1 # previous boot
journalctl -b -2 # and two boots before current

You can confuse last boot with previous boot, make it clear like here:

Also… I think that article needs a bit of review and trimming, would be good if it was highlighted better somehow. A popup or highlight in the header or when creating a topic, especially for new users. Most of the newbies don’t know how to get the basic logs.

The language needs inspection from a someone who natively speaks English (which I’m not, and I assume we both aren’t, please correct me if I’m wrong).

It is definitely strange the way it is now.

I would recommend:

journalctl -b -0 # current boot
journalctl -b -1 # previous boot
journalctl -b -2 # two boots prior

The third line is somewhat hard to say in a simple way. I would almost recommend we just remove that 3rd line. It doesn’t seem like it is really needed in this context.


BTW, the log tool has explained them this way:

  • System journal, most recent
  • System journal, 2nd most recent
  • System journal, 3rd most recent

Is that OK from the language point of view?

I think that is also fine.