ClamTK does not scan files or directories

Hello friends!

I have free time again and have done a new, clean installation of EOS with KDE.

I installed ClamTK from the terminal (yay -S clamtk), which supposedly I think you don’t need to install ClamAV (right?), but when I scan, for example, a directory, this message appears, but in reality it didn’t scan anything, since this message appears right when I press the button, and the scanned file count below is “0”.

What am I doing wrong? Does ClamTK supposedly install ClamAV as a dependency, automatically, or something?

Thanks in advance.

Yeah you need to install ClamAV, ClamTK is just an GUI for ClamAV.

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clamtk depends on clamav so OP should already have it.

Perhaps the virus definitions need updating before the first run?

sudo freshclam

Also, I would look at clamscan --help to see how to run a scan from terminal.

If I remember correctly, something like:

clamscan /path/to/file (or folder)

plus possibly some options.


As @pebcak wrote:

Update definitions first with:

sudo freshclam

I use:

clamscan -rv

to scan all files and folders in /home

You can scan an entire drive or drives, but this will likely take -hours- depending on your system.

Scan your linux drive:

clamscan -rv /


Thanks friend, but I installed yay -S clamav and it still doesn’t work.

Thank you very much friend, it worked! So the “refresh” button in the graphical interface does not work?

By the way, is there any advantage in using the clamav (terminal) version vs clamtk (graphical interface)? (apart from the problem you just solved).

Thank you very much friend, it worked! Normally I just want to examine some windows .exe files that I download to run with wine, and I want to know if they have viruses.

By the way, is there any advantage in using the clamav (terminal) version vs clamtk (graphical interface)? (apart from the problem you just solved).

If there is no advantage, perhaps it is faster to select the new downloaded folder through a graphical interface?

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Even though I would say that the GUI (clamtk) should in principle work equally well, at this point of time it hasn’t seen an update in the Arch repos for almost a year. Something I find rather strange since it was also flagged out of date for less than a year ago.

The version in Arch’s repo is 6.14-1 while the latest release is 6.18.

So I would say keep using the command line tool for the time being.


Yeah and ClamTK don’t auto update at least not for me.


Thanks to both friends.

So, I will uninstall clamtk and learn how to use clamav from the terminal to scan the files in the Downloads folder.

When you say clamav updates automatically, do you mean it updates automatically, or when I run “yay”?

One question, is clamav always active 24 hours a day like antivirus in Windows, or does it only focus on scanning the files/directories that I select?

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