Cinnamon Wayland + Nvidia Drivers

HI folks, thanks for space to interact in forums and for EndeavourOS distro :pray:

I’m trying to login under Cinnamon + Wayland session. But that give-me a black screen.

My doubt is, is not simple read yet for wayland or just is lacking some package / settings?

Log File:

Hardware log:

Ps. i Installed nivida card GTX 1080Ti using EndeavourOS tool

Some help?

This is still (very) experimental, and I’m not surprised that it doesn’t work yet. Try searching here and report a new issue if necessary.

As mentioned above by @r0ckhopper this is experimental so bugs like you are experincing are to be expected. Is there a reason you need to be using Wayland or are you just curios? Only asking out of my own curiousness

No, I’m just testing like i do on KDE / Gnome

That strange thing in other Linux distro that i can´t say name Wayland started normally in cinnamon.

My intention is not compare, for me EndeavourOS is better than other :smiley:

I just need to know if I’m doing some step to enable Wayland on cinnamon wrong or just is not ready yet

Thanks for help

At this stage, it’s not ready yet. The Linux Mint developers are targeting Summer 2026 (after the release of Ubuntu 26.04 LTS) for it being fully ready. By all means open an issue at if there is not one open already, but don’t expect a quick fix.


To be honest i did not expect anything :joy:

Anyway i will be fine on Cinnamon X11

Thanks :pray:


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