Cinnamon not installable with automated install

I wanted to re-setup my “desktop-Pi” today and used the updated image-install V2.7 script.

There were some warnings during the config-update steps that were not there during my first install a few weeks ago, but unfortunately i don’t have screens or logs of this messages. Will add them later if they occur again.

When doing the final install steps to install Cinnamon, this currently fails:

Any ideas? Mate install works fine.

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This is an old install script for Step 3. Step 1 script is new. I just checked the install script for the reason why it isn’t working.
@Pudge is working on a new script that would fix the issue when it is released.


A thanks - i’ll just wait for the updated script :slight_smile:

The new script is up on Github. You can even do a Btrfs install on the Pi. The issue with MATE install is fixed. Try it out!!